Translation Experience

Ewriting. São Paulo, SP Brazil. Translation and revision of CV's from the company CPM Braxis and technical documents in the areas of information technology and business consultancy (Portuguese to English). 03/2008-present

School of Dentistry and School of Pharmacy – UFMG. Translate and revise technical, academic articles for publication in international medical journals. 12/2004-present.

Fierre, a dialog with time. Belo Horizonte, MG Brazil. Translation of the novel written by Paulo Caldeira for international publication (Portuguese to English). 2005 –2007.

PSI do Brasil Engenharia. Belo Horizonte, MG Brazil. Translated technical documents regarding mining processes, installations, proposals, legal contracts, etc. 10/2004.

Fundação para Inovações Technológicas (FITec). Belo Horizonte, MG Brazil. Translated and revised technical telecommunications manuals (Portuguese to English). 09/2003 – 08/2004.

Arcadian Belo Horizonte, MB Brazil. Translated the computer program, internet site and user manual for the SmartWMS: Warehouse Management System (Portuguese to English). 10/2003 - 11/2003.

Lex English Language Services São Paulo, SP Brazil. Translated legal texts and contracts for law offices and multinationals (Portuguese to English). Director: Dominic Minett. 08/99 – 12/2000.

Dínamo São Paulo, Brazil. Directors: Eduardo Cama and Fátima Latorre. Translated company’s Curriculum Vitae for international distribution project. 03/99.

João Ximenez, Psychiatrist/Professor of Psychology Psicólogo e Professor de Psicologia na Universidade de Campinas (UNICAMP). São Paulo, Brazil. Translated The Bridges of Sandplay and the Transcendental Function into Portuguese for a course offered by UNICAMP. 11/98.

Omni Serviços Diagnósticos São Paulo, SP Brazil. Translated the medical textbook: O Ecocardiograma no Apoio à Decisão Clínica into English (publication pending with Editora Revinter). Director: Dr. Carlos Eduardo Suade Silva. 06/98 - 08/98.

ICS Intercultura São Paulo, SP Brazil. Translated international financial documents for Lafis. Director: Knight Dundonald Campbell. 03/97 - 12/97.

Global Translation, Chapel Hill, NC USA. Freelance translation working with technical documents and manuals for such companies as IBM, Huffy Bicycles, McDonalds, etc. from Portuguese into English. 01/95 - 01/97.

DTS Translation Services Chapel Hill, NC USA. Freelance translation working with revisions of translations of technical documents and contracts done from English to Portuguese. 01/95 - 12/96.

Professora Leslie Damasceno Duke University, Durham, NC USA. Translated academic texts from Portuguese to English for use in university courses and conferences. 01/96 12/96.

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