Translation - Proofreading

In the current working world, multinationals must deal daily with documents, contracts, technical specifications, manuals, among other important documents in bilingual versions. Renowned academic journals in the areas of Medicine, Engineering, and International Relations also publish primarily in English. Therefore, for the companies and academia of today, the publication of a variety of texts in English has become absolutely essential. In this light, Todd Irwin Marshall offers translation (Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese) and proofreading services directed toward companies, law firms, and academia.

For more information regarding translation and proofreading services, please contact Todd Irwin Marshall directly.

Translation - Proofreading Experience

Todd Irwin Marshall has nearly 15 years experience with translation and proofreading, both in the United States as well as in Brazil. He has provided services for universities, such as UNICAMP (The University of Campinas), UFMG (The University of Minas Gerais), and PUC-Minas, as well as for international companies. Translations and proofreading may be requested in the areas of Odontology, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Marketing and Propaganda, Engineering, Environment, Telecommunications, Contracts and International Law, Psychology, Literature and Literary Theory, among others.

Proofreading of Texts in English

This service is directed toward professors and graduate students of academia who possess an advanced level of English, who have the ability to write their own articles directly into English, but who require the help of a proofreader to reach the level of English demanded by international academic journals.

Todd Irwin Marshall is the author of academic articles and poetry in international journals. He is currently working with proofreading services for professors from UFMG, PUC-Minas, among others, mainly in the areas of Odontology, Pharmacy, and Medicine, but also welcomes work in the areas of Engineering, Geology, and in the areas of his academic degree of Literature, Literary Theory, and Linguistics.

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