Language, Communication, and Improvisation are integral parts of any learning process. It is undeniable that almost no dialog or situation ever repeats itself in an exact form. Learners must therefore be able to act and react in whatever situation they may be faced with.

To accomplish this goal, in Todd Irwin Marshall's courses, students learn one of the fundamental techniques of theater – Improvisation. Improvisation includes: body and facial expressions, tone of voice, intonation, stress patterns, musicality of the language, among other important features of everyday human communication. In an ELT classroom, these exercises are not merely role plays, but rather a stage on which students must utilize the suggested lexical structures and improvisation as a means through which to achieve the ultimate goal – Communication. The focus of Theatrics, as is the core of the Communicative Approach, is the fluency of the learner and the communication of one’s message rather than grammatical or lexical accuracy.

The Theatrics of Human Life, therefore, will take a bold step to unify three seemingly heterogeneous approaches to ELT – The Lexical Approach, The Communicative Approach and Theater – and meld them into one homogeneous classroom dynamic. In these playful yet meaningful classrooms, irregardless of number of students or level, students learn to formulate a new sense of motivation, inspiration, and improvisation, which mirrors life in general, to successfully and pleasurably learn that English is an integral part of our lives and the world around us.

Unifying these two approaches – Critical Thinking and Theatrics - Todd Irwin Marshall's courses create a pleasurable environment in which students can once again feel that learning is fun, pleasurable, and useful.

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