Music for Thought

Music has and always will be a wonderful way to liven up English language classrooms. However, music is commonly used in the classroom with neither educational nor didactic criteria. How do we overcome these obstacles and still make music more enjoyable yet educational ? This presentation will focus on three principles: (1) learner inspiration and motivation; (2) critical thinking; and (3) learner autonomy. By choosing song lyrics which contain important messages of social responsibility (racism, violence in society, abuse, family values, war), we can motivate our students to step out of the Vestibular, formulaic method of learning and inspire them to think for themselves through opinions and reactions to the issues presented, thus producing a form of critical thinking. The ultimate goal is learner autonomy, which should reach beyond simply studying English outside of the classroom to encompass the student’s entire learning process. Our goal as teachers should be to inspire our students to take learning into their own hands, thus melding societal education with English language skills into a livelier classroom environment, in turn producing a more meaningful experience for all involved.

Workshop de 1 hora e meia
Minicurso de 6 a 12 horas

Possible songs include:

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