Michigan Proficiency

ECPE - Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English Michigan Proficiency is an advanced level examination which provides students with a certificate of proficiency in the English language. Nowadays, universities, such as PUC-Minas and UFMG, recognize the ECPE as one of the fundamental pre-requisites for students to receive their degrees in areas including Medicine and International Relations, among others. In addition, the ECPE is recognized by all Language Schools and Institutions throughout Brazil as a license to teach English.

Michigan Proficiency is a course which prepares students to take the ECPE. Using the Critical Thinking approach, students are motivated to reflect on subjects treated in the ECPE as well as on daily issues of one's own professional and academic life. Through the inductive analysis of texts, students will also be encouraged to formulate more useful grammatical rules as a means to further the learning of key points in the English language. The aim, in addition to passing the ECPE, is to train the four abilities – listening, speaking, reading, and writing – in addition to educating citizens who can express themselves and act in the world of today.

Recommended for students with an advanced level of English, the Michigan Proficiency course contains four modules: North, South, East and West. Each module consists of different subject-matters and grammatical points and is, therefore, independent. In this manner, students can choose the module which is most appropriate to reaching their own goals and overcoming specific difficulties. The modules can be done in sequence or according to the needs of each student. It is also important to note that students may do the ECPE examination in the year in which they feel ready to do so.

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