All that Jazz and Blues

In this mini-course, we will study the historical and cultural roots of the miscegenation of European and African music which formed the truly American art forms of Jazz and Blues. We will analyze the evolution of Jazz and Blues as well as take a glimpse at some of the literary movements affected by these amazing musicians. Our goals are to delve into Black American Culture, teach our students to understand and respect Jazz and Blues and, most importantly of all, pure enjoyment of wonderful music!

6 to 12 hour mini-course

Musical Movements of Jazz include:

Scott Joplin
Dixieland Jazz

Louis Armstrong
Ella Fitzgerald
Billie Holliday
Fletcher Henderson

Big Band

Duke Ellington
Count Basie
Glenn Miller
Benny Goodman


Miles Davis
John Coltrane
Dizzy Gillespie
Charlie Parker
Thelonius Monk

Modern Jazz

Wynton Marsalis
Branford Marsalis
Stanley Jordan
Stanley Clarke

Progressive Jazz

Pat Methany
Chick Corea

Musical Movements of Blues include:

Mississippi Delta Blues

Robert Johnson
Sonny Boy Williamson

Electric Blues

BB King
Albert King
Howlin’ Wolf

Modern Blues

Norah Jones
Eric Clapton
Robert Cray
Tracy Chapman
Bonnie Raitt

Texas Blues

Steve Ray Vaughn
Nuno Mendelis

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