IRBr Distance Learning Course

Although the Rio Branco Institute's English writing section is no longer "eliminatory", but rather "classificatory", it is well-known that if candidates are unable to write formidable essays, summaries, and translations, they will surely forego their selection process opportunities.

It is also understood that a great majority of candidates are unable to attend face-to-face English classes, due to time constraints, logistics, among other impeding factors. Therefore, distance learning has become an interesting means through which the candidate can improve writing skills in the convenience of one’s own home and at one’s own time and pace.


The IRBr Distance Learning Course has no fixed duration. Rather, it is set up in sets of exercises to be completed. Thus, the speed of the course will depend on your own availability and dedication to your final goal of passing the IRBr testing process.

Course materials

Each set of the IRBr Distance Writing Course will contain the following items:

The main objective of these materials is to give the candidate contact with a wide variety of international relations subjects, which may include but not be limited to:

The hope is that candidates will increase their vocabulary on a diversity of subjects as well as begin to recognize the terms that are most commonly repeated throughout international relations issues. Grammar is another important factor treated in the sets. The focus of grammar will be placed upon that which is identified, through the candidates pre-writing test (to be completed before beginning the sets of materials) and throughout the writing sets.

Through these exercises, together with the tips and strategies of good writing techniques and commentaries made on each writing assignment, candidates will gain a new sense of security with the English language, rendering the IRBr test itself a plausible and attainable goal.

Rules on returning materials for correction

The IRBr Distance Writing Course will keep with the following sequence:

We ask that each IRBr Distance Learning Course set of materials be completed in full and returned to Mr. Todd Irwin Marshall for correction.

Upon receipt of a completed set, Mr. Marshall will correct and comment on each section of the set and return these materials to the candidate within one week of receipt.

As our concept of learning is Quality over Quantity, should there be a need for a re-write of any section of these materials, this re-write should be completed and returned before sending any new sets of writing materials.

If the student does not send the texts for correction within 06 (six) months, it will be assumed that the student has given up on the course. Values paid are non-refundable.


The investment for the IRBr Distance Learning Course includes the following payment options:

Please deposit the relevant amount in Mr. Marshall’s bank account.

Then send the relevant receipt via e-mail or fax by the number (31) 3423 1690 to Mr. Todd Irwin Marshall to receive the materials.

For further information regarding the IRBr Distance Learning Course, please contact Todd Irwin Marshall directly.

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