The Theatrics of Human Life

Language, Communication, and Improvisation are integral parts of any learning process. This presentation, therefore, takes a bold step to unify three seemingly heterogeneous approaches to ELT – The Lexical Approach, The Communicative Approach and Theater - and meld them into one homogeneous classroom dynamic. In these playful yet meaningful classrooms, irregardless of the number of students or level, students learn to formulate a new sense of motivation, inspiration, and improvisation which mirrors life in general to successfully and pleasurably learn that English is an integral part of our lives and the world around us.

The ultimate goal of this presentation is to offer to ELT professionals a series of authentic situations in practical exercises, from beginning to advanced levels, which ELT teachers can apply immediately within their own classrooms.

1 hour and a half workshop
6 to 12 hour mini-course

image by fabian bromann

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