Cultural Insights through Film and Literature

Cultural Insights through Film and Literature is an innovative Approach to the English classroom that goes beyond the simple viewing of films and subsequent commentary. This presentation brings together the central message of the selected film with excerpts from American literature and articles from a variety of media sources to exemplify a specific cultural theme. Through the use of the innovative technology of DVDs, this presentation will discuss how to use movies, both with and without English subtitles, in an effective manner to practice listening, reading, and speaking all in the same exercise. This easy and fun way to learn can further teach students the meaning of the word autonomy as students begin to take language learning into their own hands both inside and outside of the classroom. Also discussed is the Critical Thinking approach to this means of language learning in which socio-political themes considered to be taboos are confronted. The final goal is to encourage students to think for themselves, thus breaking down the barrier between being simply an English Language Teacher and being an Educator.

1 hour and a half workshop
6 to 12 hour mini-course

Possible themes and film excerpts include:

Racism in America

The Hurricane
Men of Honor
The Color Purple

The Amish religion and culture

The Witness

Environmental concerns

Erin Brockovich

Jazz and Blues music

Mo' Better Blues

American Dream

American Beauty
Forest Gump

Teaching - Education

Dead Poet's Society
Mr. Holland's Opus

The Vietnam War - Military Actions

Full Metal Jacket
Black Hawk Down



Dream states


Prohibition and the Roaring 20’s

The Untouchables
The Sting
The Great Gatsby

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