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The exams organized and administered by Cambridge ESOL - English for Students of Other Languages assess each candidate’s level of English, from intermediate (FCE) to advanced (CAE) to proficiency (CPE). Each certificate is important as it represents the students’ passage from one level to another, as well as confirms the students’ evolution and development in their English studies. The Cambridge examinations differ from the Michigan examinations mainly in the dialect demanded for each exam; that is, the Cambridge exams focus on an international English: British, Irish, Scottish, American, Canadian, Austrailian, etc., while the Michigan exams focus primarily on American English.

Despite the focus on the dialect, the teaching method differs little from that used for the Michigan preparation in the sense that it also uses the Critical Thinking approach in an attempt to motivate students to reflect on issues relevant to those covered on the exams as well as those which can be found the students’ daily lives. Furthermore, students will be encouraged to inductively formulate their own grammatical rules which can help to better learn the key points of the English language. The aim, in addition to passing the Cambridge exams, is to train the four abilities – listening, speaking, reading, and writing – in addition to educating citizens who can express themselves and act in the world of today.

The preparatory courses for the Cambridge certificates have the objective of familiarizing the students with the structures and methods of the exams. Students will be taught strategies necessary to deal with each exam.

For each candidate, the recommended course will depend on the candidate's level of English:

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