Business English

The Business English course, through the reading of texts, conversation, listening, and writing on relevant and up-to-date topics in the global market, offers further training of students as regards international trade and English language learning.

Todd Irwin Marshall course includes a diversity of themes, such as the receiving of international clients, the exchange of information between companies, the resolving of problems (both in person as well as by phone), negotiations, presentations, internal and external meetings, the writing of emails, among a number of other abilities that represent daily activities in a multinational company. The course, therefore, reflects the need for English in the current business market, especially that referent to the power of communication, making students more confident in the use of the language in both professional and social situations.

This course is recommended for students of intermediate and advanced level of English and is ideal for businessmen already working in the market or students of Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, International Trade, International Relations, Communications, among other areas, who are interested in topics relevant to international trade.

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